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Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Time...

After a bit of a hiatus I have decided to continue this blog as a learning journal following on from my Churchill Fellowship. This time last year I was away and swimming in thoughts and possibilities.

The challenge of writing a report for The Churchill Trust took something of the gloss off the experience as I only had 10 weeks to sythesise ideas and submit the report. To some extent the report fails to capture the full extent of my learnings. The report submitted to the Trust can be found via the link to the right. I have made some minor editings (mostly typos) sincing submitting it.

Interest in the report, the trip and my learnings was some what muted initially upon my return. A fair bit of grass roots interest - not too much interest from within the education system I work for (which disappointed me). They were in the throws of developing a new School Review and Improvement model. The system has a strong tradition of strategic management and review.

I did however have the opportunity to do the following presentations:
  • Teaching: The Learning Profession - Some thoughts for growing the profession (Annual general meeting of NSW Pofessional Teachers Council 29/11/2006)
  • Outside the box: Alternatives within a regulatory environment (Consultants of the NSW Association of Independent Schools 14/09/2006)

I also had an opportunity to meet with Fran Hinton, Chief Executive of Teaching Australia, thanks to the support and encouragement of Sue Gazis (a colleague at the NSW Institute of Teachers).

In the last few weeks things seem to be changing with an increased interest in the project and my thinking and learnings from the experience.

More to come on that later.

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