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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More pics

Faculty of Education building, cambridge University

Selwyn College, where my grandfather studied in the 1930s.

Anecdotal story on the use of targets

Performance targets are used with students to focus on moving them from one performance level to another. Explicit criteria is used to describe standards required for each level.

When one particular teacher put it to a group of Year 9 students that they needed to do certain things to move to the next level on an assessment task the students responded saying, "You just want that because it will make you look good."

Cambridge pics

Wolfson College, where I am staying

The Cam River

A friend, Dale and his father

Teacher leadership - some thoughts

Teacher leadership is more than a matter of restructuring and 'distributed` leadership'. It is based on values and vision of teachers who share a commitment to improving the life chances of their students. (Frost and Roberts, 2004: 182)

From meeting with David Frost (8/05/06)
"Teacher leadership is the capacity in all teachers to make a difference; to participate in the business of building knowledge, building practice; developing it.

It's actually saying, "I'm not just a teacher who is here to do this job in the classroom - to do a job that is prescribed for me. I'm here to be a professional in which I participate in the business of trying to work out what is best for the school, what is best for the kids, how education should be practiced."

That's how I see it. To try and maximise that potential and I don't think that that is linked to any particular roles."

Cambridge schedule

May 7
Jorunn Moller
Faculty of Education, University of Oslo

May 8
David Frost
Faculty of Education, Cambridge University
Kris Stutchbury

May 9
Teacher led development work group
Francis Bacon School
M.Ed session
Hertfordshire Development Centre

May 10
Sheila Ball
Hertfordshire Local Education Authority
M.Ed Advisory and Development meeting
M.Ed Information evening

May 11
Judy Durrant
Canterbury University
Gary Holden
Kent Local Education Authority

Sittingbourne school network

May 12
Jo Mylles
Sir John Lawes School

Leadership for Learning network is a partnership between Faculty of Education, Cambridge University and schools through the Hertfordshire Local Authority. The focus of the partnership is teacher-led development work which has a strong focus on capacity building of teachers to participate effectively in school improvement.
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