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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Voyage into the unknown

I feel like I am on a voyage into the unknown.

Recently I was part of 3 days of professional learning with members of the team with whom I work.

The focus was on how we understand learning and support professional learning of teachers. We reflected on our work over the last term.

Two themes emerged from the reflections.

The experience of
  • Facing our own fears in learning
  • Facing our own fears in being a leader of learning.

Learning is, in part, about stepping out into the unknown. As the team I work with seeks to support schools in shaping learning in the 21st century we are feeling increasingly more vulnerable, living with the uncertainty of what could be. There is the expectation to know the answers - but the challenge lies in the questions.

Over the next few weeks I will reflect more on the possible frameworks to support shaping learning in the 21st Century through teacher inquiry, knowledge building and learning conversations.

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