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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The challenge of NO bag - again!!

Well, the circle is complete! I am back in Sydney with no bag!

Who would have thought? Although I did half expected it this time.

The story:
I was to leave Munich on a flight to Frankfurt at 1930 on Wednesday evening arriving in Frankfurt at 2030. From there I was to connect with a flight to Singapore departing at 2230. Plenty of time I thought.

I booked my bag all the way through to Sydney. No problems I thought.

I boarded the flight to Frankfurt at about 1915.

The flight was fully booked with travellers, world cup revellers and business people (and a Churchill Fellow).

There we sat in a fully boarded aircraft in 28 degrees heat - the thunder rolled in.

The minutes ticked by. Then the captain's announcement came over the pa system. Apparently there were severe thunder storms across northern Germany. This meant that planes were departing at 15 minute intervals. Good news: we could be the next plane; bad news: it may be an hour.

Thirty minutes elapsed. The captain's voice again. Again, we could be next or it could be a while. This time passengers could disembark and stay overnight in Munich if they wished.

Time was ticking by. The window of opportunity to connect was getting smaller. We sat there in all for about 100 minutes. The flight eventually left at 2100 arriving in Frankfurt at 2200.

It was a mad rush to disembark, board the bus on the tarmac and arrive at Gate E63.

There were ground staff to assist. Their advice: Run to Gate G48 as the plane is boarding and will soon depart.

What choice did I have? So I ran; but I had no idea where G48 was. I drew on my positional skills and literacy skills to follow directions until I lost the arrows pointing me in the direction.

I then drew on my best German asking every official along the way, "Entschuldigung! Wo is Tor G drei und veirzig?", hoping they would respond in very simple positional German!

I cleared passport control, breathless by this stage and ran to make the Gate at 2215.

The flight was still open. Then the processing started. Passport had be scanned as it is an Australian Federal requirement and data entered in to the Australian Immigration and Customs data base. Time ticking. I'd made the flight!

Then there was the walk of shame. You know - that walk of the last passengers after the departure time has elapsed. Eyes looking, others thoughts running: "Which bar have you been sitting in?" "Lost in duty free shopping were you? Thanks!" "Now the flight is late!"

Exhausted, I found my seat and sat down. Needless to say, all this made for sleeping on the flight.

Everything else went well: flight, transit in Singapore, flight from Singapore to Sydney.

Arrived at Sydney, preparing for disembarking and the flight attendant announcement came over. "Would Mr Andrew Fraser please conatct ground staff in the terminal."

This I did. A message: "Please contact the baggage desk in the collection area."

The news I was anitcipating: Your bag is delayed.

At least this time they told me rather than have me stand there looking at a lone bag go around on the carousel until I realised my bag was not going to appear.

So hopefully I will get my bag the next day!

The advantage:
  • I didn't have to lug a 25kg bag through customs
  • Clearing customs was a breeze with just a carry-on bag
  • The look of envy in other passengers eyes as to how someone could travel overseas with just hand luggage, and
  • My bag gets delivered to my home - hopefully.

And so the circle is complete! I arrived in my first port of destination without a bag. I returned home without a bag!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A last blog entry before leaving for Sydney

This will be my last blog entry before I return to Australia. I can't believe how quickly the trip has gone and how much I have done.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to visit and meet with so many people over the last 3 months. The Churchill Fellowship visits have been very exciting and I am charged up with ideas and possibilities.

I think it may be difficult to adjust back to the day to day routine of life in Sydney - particularly in winter!

I must say that whilst I feel I could continue to travel for a bit longer yet, there were times when I was lonely and feeling home sick.

Meeting new people every day was both invigorating and exhausting.

Thank you to all those who have made the trip wonderful; and thank you to everyone who has visited this blog over the last 3 months and all those who have posted comments or emailed comments. I have enjoyed doing it and hope others have enjoyed reading and viewing it.

See you in Sydney! (It feels kind of sad saying that!!)


Tutzing Biergarten

Juergen and myself at the Biergarten A Bavarian Oom-Pah Band - I don't think they are really called that!

Pictures of Starnberger See from Tutzing

Tutzing is a beautiful town about 40 - 60 minutes from Marianplatz (central Munich) by train. It is situated on the banks of the Starnberger See. The lake is wonderful for swimming and sailing. I have done the swimming - though the water was a bit brisk. I was to go sailing last Friday but the weather was wet so unfortunately that was cancelled.

Tutzing has been a great place to finish off the trip - to relax and to be around friends.

My host, Juergen in Tutzing

I have spent the last few days staying with a friend, Juergen who lives in a town called Tutzing on the Starnberger See. On Saturday Juergen organised a "real Aussie BBQ" German style with some of his friends - hence the Australiana!
The view of the lake from Juergen's balcony


Munich is a beautiful city (although I think I prefer Berlin). Last time I was in Munich was Christmas 2004 and the city was covered in snow. It looked very different in the warmth and sunshine of summer.

Munich Lions

After the cows of Edinburgh and the friendship bears of Berlin I finally stumbled across the lions of Munich!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Neuschwanstein and Ludwig 2

I have had the opportunity to see three musicals whilst I have been in Germany. I say Mamma Mia (auf Deutsch) and Elisabeth whilst in Stuttgart. Elisabeth is the story of Elisabeth, Kairein of Austria.

The third musical was Ludwig 2. The venue for this was just across the lake from Schloess Neushwanstein.

Neuschwanstein is a Schloess (castle) that was built by Ludwig 2, Koenig of Bayern (King of Baveria). The castle was built around the 1870/1880s. Ludwig is often referred to as mad King Ludwig. He was certified mad after a political plot to have him removed from his position. This was because he was more interested in building castles than armaments and involvement in war.

During his reign he built three castle. This was his last one. It was on this site that he was removed from power. He was taken down to Starnberg See, not far from where I am staying on the See (lake). He and his psychiatrist were found dead in the lake 2 days after he was removed from power. Mystery surrounds whether they drowned, were muredered or whether it was murder-suicide.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A day trip to Heidelberg

Maikammer Weingut

I have spent a few days staying with friends who have a weingut in Maikammer (near Mannheim) in the Pfalz. It has been a most relaxing and enjoyable time.

Die Weingut Schaedler
View of Maikammer from the weinberg
Crucifix in the vineyard
Die Weinberg
Weinberg mit Schloess
Grapes on the vine
Enjoying the wine!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Speyer, near Neusstadt Weinstrasse

Speyer is a town not too far from where I am staying in the Pfalz. It is a strong Catholic centre with The Dom having been built back in medieval times (I think)!

When a new Archbishop was appointed to Speyer the large stone cauldron was filled with wine and the towns' folk could drink from it.

The Dom had a strong connection to the Koenig (kings) of the region, hence the crown.

Uwe, my host and guide and me.

Potsdam Schloess

Terraced garden entrance at Schloss San Souci

Rear garden at Schloss San Souci
Neus Palais

Further Berlin Pics

Statue to Marx and Engels in Marx-Engels Platz in the Nikoleiviertel.

World Bears and German writers

Museum Insel

The Berlin museum "quarter" is located on Museum Insel. I visited The Altes and The Pergamon.

At the Altes Museum.

Queen Nefertiti

Inside The Pergamon

The Dom
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