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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How should one eat horse?

Well, given the limitations of my French: Bonjour, merci, metro, resto, bon voyage, "Je suis prest" (both the Fraser and De Ridder family mottos), I ordered from the menu that was in French.

Fillet mignon I recognised.

Can't go too far wrong with that! I thought.

Did you know that Fillet Mignon doesn't just come in beef but also horse?

How would I like it done? Oh, I don't know. Medium rare perhaps!

How should one eat horse?

Some pics of Montreal

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well, today is my last day in Montreal. It is a beautiful city. VERY French - more so than I expected. Have had a great time wandering the streets. Old Montreal is great for just wandering. The first couple of days saw great weather - 20 degrees so it was a chance to go off and explore with my camera. I will get some photos up on here when I find a computer connected to the internet that can read a USB!

The shopping is great here. Very stylish and very affordable. That sums up Montreal for me - stylish and affordable.

And the food! It is a foodie`s heaven here. Huge variety and well priced.

The last couple of days have been a little slower. It`s been wet and cold - only 5 degrees yesterday. A chance to catch up on some reading, thinking and preparation for Toronto. I`m looking forward to starting the project in a couple of days time.

Montreal has been a great place to get my mind uot of CEO and Sydney and into another space.

Thanks to those who have posted comments - it`s nice to know someone is reading this!
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