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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Teacher leadership - some thoughts

Teacher leadership is more than a matter of restructuring and 'distributed` leadership'. It is based on values and vision of teachers who share a commitment to improving the life chances of their students. (Frost and Roberts, 2004: 182)

From meeting with David Frost (8/05/06)
"Teacher leadership is the capacity in all teachers to make a difference; to participate in the business of building knowledge, building practice; developing it.

It's actually saying, "I'm not just a teacher who is here to do this job in the classroom - to do a job that is prescribed for me. I'm here to be a professional in which I participate in the business of trying to work out what is best for the school, what is best for the kids, how education should be practiced."

That's how I see it. To try and maximise that potential and I don't think that that is linked to any particular roles."

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Anonymous said...

In absolute agreement with Frost on that one. That is shared visions and values. I think that a lot of classroom teachers DO operate out of that belief.

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