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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Innovations Unit

I have had a fabulous time visiting the Innovations Unit. The Unit was established as part of the DfES.

I have had the opportunity to talk with:
Anne Diack, Director
Deryn Harvey, Director
Valerie Hannon, Director
Paul Mortimor, Associate and Head Teacher.

I was also able to meet with David Jackson from NCSL (Networks) who has arranged for me to visit NCSL at Cranfield. They had initially declined my request to visit.

I came across some interesting ideas and practices.
  • There is legislation through The Power to Innovate that legitmises the importance of teachers thinking outside of the box.
  • Teachers don't realise their power.
  • Move beyond the notion of the best can lead the rest.
  • Disciplined Innovation - to move beyond the "sowing 1000 seeds and letting 1000 flowers bloom"
  • Next Practice thinking as well as Best Practice thinking
  • Systems supporting innovation not only financially but more importantly in thinking.
  • Those engaged in innovation are trying out on behalf of the profession

Five Stages of developing Next Practice

1. Needs analysis

2. Horizon Scanning

3. Mobilisation

4. Generating Creative Options

5. Field Trial

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