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Friday, June 23, 2006

Visit to IGS Schaumberg, Stadthagen

Well this was the last day of my project and I was quite looking forward to it. I didn't expect the trip out to Stadthagen from Gutersloh to be such an ordeal. I was told that it is pretty straight forward. Not so!
Firstly it was a public holiday in Gutersloh, so no information help was available in the morning. The internet information indicated an 8:49am train from Gutersloh arriving in Stadthagen at 9:49am. Problem was the timetable postings didn't list Stadthagen.
Turns out I had to go one station and change onto a train to Minden, then change again to get to Stadthagen. I got there on time!

The school was ale to take me through their involvement in INIS and the use of the review data for school improvement. Very interesting and the outcomes of improvement evident.

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