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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A last blog entry before leaving for Sydney

This will be my last blog entry before I return to Australia. I can't believe how quickly the trip has gone and how much I have done.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to visit and meet with so many people over the last 3 months. The Churchill Fellowship visits have been very exciting and I am charged up with ideas and possibilities.

I think it may be difficult to adjust back to the day to day routine of life in Sydney - particularly in winter!

I must say that whilst I feel I could continue to travel for a bit longer yet, there were times when I was lonely and feeling home sick.

Meeting new people every day was both invigorating and exhausting.

Thank you to all those who have made the trip wonderful; and thank you to everyone who has visited this blog over the last 3 months and all those who have posted comments or emailed comments. I have enjoyed doing it and hope others have enjoyed reading and viewing it.

See you in Sydney! (It feels kind of sad saying that!!)


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