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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Neuschwanstein and Ludwig 2

I have had the opportunity to see three musicals whilst I have been in Germany. I say Mamma Mia (auf Deutsch) and Elisabeth whilst in Stuttgart. Elisabeth is the story of Elisabeth, Kairein of Austria.

The third musical was Ludwig 2. The venue for this was just across the lake from Schloess Neushwanstein.

Neuschwanstein is a Schloess (castle) that was built by Ludwig 2, Koenig of Bayern (King of Baveria). The castle was built around the 1870/1880s. Ludwig is often referred to as mad King Ludwig. He was certified mad after a political plot to have him removed from his position. This was because he was more interested in building castles than armaments and involvement in war.

During his reign he built three castle. This was his last one. It was on this site that he was removed from power. He was taken down to Starnberg See, not far from where I am staying on the See (lake). He and his psychiatrist were found dead in the lake 2 days after he was removed from power. Mystery surrounds whether they drowned, were muredered or whether it was murder-suicide.

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