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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How should one eat horse?

Well, given the limitations of my French: Bonjour, merci, metro, resto, bon voyage, "Je suis prest" (both the Fraser and De Ridder family mottos), I ordered from the menu that was in French.

Fillet mignon I recognised.

Can't go too far wrong with that! I thought.

Did you know that Fillet Mignon doesn't just come in beef but also horse?

How would I like it done? Oh, I don't know. Medium rare perhaps!

How should one eat horse?


margaret anderson said...

As I have never tried horse, I guess if you eat it with your eyes shut it might taste better.

Love your Blog - wish we were there!

Andrew said...

Thanks Margaret! Glad you are enjoying it.

sybil said...

Andrew now you can add horse eating to your resume. it must be a great experience to have the professional discussions of the type you are having.
You have to come back with something from stylish vancouver.

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