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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Leading for Learning in a world that is flat

Today I presented a session to a group of principals on leading for learning. In providing a key note I hoped to open up thinking, conversations and possibilities. The notion of a flat world (as developed by Friedman) was drawn upon to highlight the lateral connectivity that exists in the world.
The presenation explored a new imaginary for schooling and education, networked learning, the need for disciplined innovation and possibilities for developing next practice. These were concepts that I developed as a result of my Churchill Fellowship.
As a result of the presentation and discussions there are a few thoughts that emerged:
  • there is a need for courageous leadership in schools and systems
  • focusing on what I have to do (compliance, regulations, etc.) limits the possibilities of what I could do to transform learning and schooling
  • networking is important for developing possibilities, ideas and ways forward that transcend the system
  • individual schools can move forward towards excellence/greatness more quickly than systems can.

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