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Saturday, May 10, 2008

All at sea in possibilities

The last few weeks have been intense with learning for me. Being a person who likes to explore connections and possibilities as threads emerge means that my mind has been and remains all over the place. All of a sudden "being lost in my own thoughts" makes sense!!

So what has been pre-occupying my thinking?

Students and their learning
  • The importance of knowing the learner and expecting all to learn at a deep level
  • The possibilities that exist for schools as we understand more of the nature of the learner and learning
  • Shifting from the atomised pieces of teaching (ritualised teaching) to opening up possibilities for the learner through deep learning, thinking and creativity.

Teachers and their teaching

  • Why finding excuses in the kids for why kids can't learn is so ingrained in teaching
  • Depersonalising the teaching from the teacher as a person and linking teaching with learning.

Designing learning spaces

  • Understanding the learning environment as the "third teacher
  • The need to have principles of learning to shape and inform the design of learning spaces
  • Does the space shape the practice?

Teaching as the learning profession

  • Building the learning within professional teams to deal with the complexities of teaching, not just training for delivery to achieve results
  • Teachers' agency and teachers leading learning across the school
  • Teacher inquiry and knowledge building and the place and nature of networks
  • Learning conversation that capture new learning and how to further develop and share the learning
  • Identifying what's worth sharing with others in the profession.

Transforming schools for 21st century

  • The tension between developing goals for schools and keeping an open-mind for unforeseen possibilities
  • The invitation to engage the imagination to reconceptualise schooling
  • Moving beyond best practice leading the rest to developing next practice.

Over the next little while I'll muse more publicly here about these, but would welcome any thoughts.

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