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Monday, June 08, 2009

Wired to Learn

It's a long weekend here in Australia and I spent part of the weekend with my family in Canberra. My nephew, Hamish (aged 1) was there and a delight to watch. 
He was fascinated by a Newton's Cradle.

I, in turn, was fascinated as to how a 1-year old, with limited motor skills, would manipulate the Newton's Cradle to create the kinetic energy effect that caught his eye.

The video captures the ingenuity of a 1-year old.
We are truly wired to learn!


Nicole said...

Are little boys also "wired to eat" ?
He's very dextrous with the spoon! "Yum...yum....Yum"

Hope you had a great weekend Andrew. I'm off to Ireland and UK on Friday for 16 days. "In 2009 I work to travel!"



Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...

Ireland and UK is good, as is travel in 2009! had a great weekend. didn't pick up that Hamish was wired to eat! just problem solving.

Maria Alice said...

That is fabulous footage. I am observing my niece of 22mths regularly and wish there was video running to capture the learning that she enjoys every minute of her life. I thoroughly enjoy observing her interactions. Last weekend she was climbing the stairs of the attic and saying aloud, "One step, two step, three step" etc to the 8th step. She also played her drum and tapped slowly sayiong "soft, soft, soft" and as she became excited, "loud, loud, loud" laughing all the way through.
I am encouraging teachers to video students and their conversations as they work in groups. These provide far greater insight into a student's understandings than most forms of pen and paper assessment!

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