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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Come and Play - Video gaming

Whilst following up on some of the TEDTalk links referred to by Frank Crawford (Scottish Chief Inspector of Schools) in a recent presaentation, I came across a TEDTalk delivered by David Perry on video games. This is a contentious area for education, yet it has huge potential for learning.
In his presentation, David Perry uses a video, I'm a video game addict that was created by Michael Highland. The video is quite stimulating and thought provoking. It caused me to think about the blurring between what is virtual and real with the real becoming virtual and the virtual being real.
It challenges what schooling, teaching and learning could (and even perhaps should) look like if gaming were used in learning.
David Perry concludes his TEDTalk by highlighting that Michael Highland's video showed that video games can impact and move individuals. His closing comment was that the new paradigm of video games can open up new frontiers for creative minds that like to think big!
Imagine schools that did that.


Mark Walker said...

A really thought provoking clip - blurring reality and gaming and the responsibility the makers of games have.
Having a teenage son who 'loves' his online games where he speaks to and interacts with friends on the game battlefield.

Anonymous said...

Andrew - I must say that I love your blog pages. Great contacts too - and lots in Scotland!

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