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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Innovation and Teaching

Over the last couple of weeks I have presented two workshops/presentations to staff at Macquarie University on Innovation in Teaching at part of the programme offered by the Learning and Teaching Centre of the university.

Below is a copy of the presentation (in movie format) developed and used in both workshops.

Innovation can be seen as being radical or incremental as outlined in the slide below (taken from a presentation given by Valerie Hannon).

The notion of Next Practice was presented. The model presented is based upon that developed by the Innovation Unit in London.

The following framework was presented as a scaffold for developing innovation. It has been developed from frameworks developed from Next Practice Programme: Third sector development through brokerage (2010) and Innovation Self Evaluation Activity (2008).
I found the conversation stimulating and encouraging. I'm always interested how people take forward ideas they are presented.

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