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Friday, May 07, 2010

Leading Learning: Our Principle Purpose

A part of my work this year has been working with the principals and assistant principals of 14 schools. These schools have been working together as "learning community" for a number of years. This year they have wanted to up the ante around learning, including their own learning.

The groups thinking has been informed by the work of Vivianne Robinson on leadership that has an impact on student outcomes and Helen Timperley on professional learning that improves student learning (teacher inquiry and knowledge building).

This learning meeting followed on from a successful staff development day for all the schools in the Learning Community. The principals and assistant principals brought along their thinking as to the goals for the year and key strategies the intended to use.

The meeting aimed to support these leaders in clarifying their goals, think about what their theory of action is to bring about the desired change and identify their learning needs as leaders.

My own reflections and learnings from the meeting are that:
  1. Developing precision around vision and expressing this as a couple of goals that are clear and unambiguous is hard work;
  2. Monitoring the effectiveness requires deep thinking in the planning stage; and
  3. engaging in open to learning conversations requires new skills and a shift away from monitoring, compliance and accountability mindsets.
Below is a copy of the powerpoint used in movie format:

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