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Friday, June 04, 2010

Imagining Possibilities

Recently I presented a keynote at the State ACEL conference. ACEL is the Australian Council for Educational Leaders. I am working with a cluster of schools focused on Numeracy. One of the questions that is a focus of the work is how leadership can influence learning.
The conceptual model for the project draws on the work of Vivianne Robinson and Helen Timperley from Auckland University.
To support leaders in exploring their leadership we are working with the ACEL Leadership Capabilities. These capabilities provide a comprehensive framework for reflecting on and developing leadership as an individual, as a group (such as principals) and as a team at school or system level.
The presentation (see below for movie format of powerpoint) were my reflections and learnings from engaging with the framework. It has only been a few months but the potential is great. The challenge I am finding (drawing on Pfeffer and Sutton, and DuFour etal. is moving from KNOWING to DOING!
I'm more than happy to provide further information or answer questions people may have.

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