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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Challenge of NO bag

Well, having packed everything into one bag I checked my bag in at Sysney through to Montreal. I boarded my flights to Canada with Air Canada. the flights were good. Long, but good. Sydney - Honolulu. Even though I was continuing throughn to Vancouver I still had to clear US immigration and customs and reboard the plane.

From Honolulu I flew to Vancouver. Had to clear immigration and customs in Vancouver. This meant also claiming my checked baggage to clear customs. I had to get my checked bag from the bag pick-up area, take it through customs and give it back to an Air Cananda official for the bag to continue to Montreal.

That was the last I saw of my bag! :-(

Upon arrival in Montreal I waited for my bag to come through those rubber flaps from baggage handlers to awaiting public. Nothing! I thought someone`s bag has to be last. But, alas! My bag was not to appear - well not tonight anyway in Montreal!


Judy Anderson said...

I cannot believe that has happened already.
I do hope it turns up - sooner rather than later.
AND after all that effort to pack everything in one bag!

Jenny said...

Hi Andrew - what a drag!! and after all your efforts - hope it turns up soon - Jenny

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