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Sunday, April 16, 2006


19/04/06 Departure

19/04/06 - 25/04/06: Montreal, Canada.

Fellowship commences 26/04.

26/04/06 - 3/05/06: Toronto, Canada
The Learning Consortium
Meetings and school visits are being arranged by The Learning Consortium

Visit to Durham District Schools Board/International Network of Innovative Schools (INIS)

8/05/06 - 12/05/06: Cambridge, UK

Leadership For Learning/Cambridge Network
Meetings, school and network visits are being arranged by David Frost. Meeting with John MacBeath and Judy Durrant.

15/05/06 - 15/05/06: London, UK

Specialist Schools Trust
Meeting with Sue Williamson, Director, Leadership and Affiliation Networks

16/05/06 - 17/05/06: Birmingham, UK

Birmingham Local Education Authority
Meeting with key staff.

18/05/06 - 23/05/06: Glasgow, UK

Learning Teaching Scotland
Meeting with key staff on services provided to schools

24/05/06 - 25/05/06: Glasgow, UK

North Lanarkshire Local Education Authority
Meeting with key staff; visit to schools involved in International Network of Innovative Schools (INIS)

26/05/06 - 29/05/06: Edinburgh, UK
Bank Holiday weekend

30/05/06 - 2/06/06: London, UK

DEMOS Institute
Meeting with key staff, researchers working on education, attend DEMOS workshops and meetings

5/06/06 - 6/06/06: London, UK

Specialist Schools Trust
Meeting with Emma Sims, Development and Research Coordinator; Meeting with Kai Vacher, Head of Personalising Learning; school visits

7/06/06 9/06/06: London, UK

Innovations Unit of Department for Educational Standards
Meeting with Valerie Hannon and other relevant staff; school visits

13/06/06 - 13/06/06: Dusseldorf, Germany

Semi-Autonomous Schools Network (Bertelsmann Foundation)
Meeting with Petra Madelung

14/06/06 - 14/06/06: Gutersloh, Germany

Bertelsmann Foundation
Meeting with key staff

15/06/06 - 15/06/06: Niedersachsen, Germany

International Network of Innovative Schools (Bertelsmann Foundation)
School visits

16/06/06: Dusseldorf, Germany

19/06 - 14/07: Long Service Leave

17/06 - 21/06: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

22/06 - 29/06: Berlin, Germany

30/06 - 03/07: Maikammer (near Mannheim), Germany Staying with friends who operate a winery.

04/07 - 05/07: Stuttgart, Germany A few shows (Elisabeth, LudwigII)

06/07 - 12/07: Tutzing (on Stanberg See, near Munich) Staying with a friend.

12/07: fly Munich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney.

14/07 Arrive: Sydney


Jenny said...

Have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent way of keeping the world or at least my part of it informed of your progress. You will now need to to keep it up to date.

Good luck on your adventure.
Peter Merry

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