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Monday, May 01, 2006

What Year level might this be?

The class were grappling with the following:
If it is sunny outside why do we have to wear snow pants?

These are pictures of the students work explaining possible answers and also transcript of one of the discussions.

What Year level do you think it might be?


seamus.ogrady said...

Dear Andrew
A great journal or should I say blog?
Pleased to hear you are going well.
Kind regards

Maurice Cummins said...

My guess is Kindergarten. Some of the transcribed comments from students are similar to what was happening in the Early Learning Centre at SCOTS as part of the Reggio Emilia focus.

THe drawing were excellent. These looked more advanced to me.

Great to see these worksamples uploaded. Fabulous way to share your experiences! Thanks.


Andrew said...

All is going well here. Had a fabulous morning this morning at a meeting of the Ontario Professional Development Network with a presentation on the actual effect leadership has on changing classroom practice.

sybil said...

hi andrew did the children finally work out what moved. what a great experience you are having . i'm green with envy.

Andrew said...

Thanks Sybil.

There were several other transcripts of further discussions. What was interesting was the teacher was trying to develop in the children the process of knowledge creation and building. It was really exciting stuff.

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