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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The death of education ... the dawn of learning

This is a wonderful and inspiring clip (sponsored by the Pearson Foundation for CosN) that is doing the rounds at the moment.
It opens up thinking about what is and what could be and should be in education, schooling and learning.

At the 2008 ICSEI conference, Susan Rona, a Hungarian-born Canadian who has worked on a project to achieve basic educational opportunities for the Roma (gypsy) children in four countries in Central Europe, put forward the proposition that education is important, but also put the question as to whether school is important.

Stephen Heppell was stronger in the clip in saying, "It's the death of education but the dawn of learning; and that makes me very happy!"

Imagine if schools were the "nearly now spaces".
Imagine if we did view schools as community sytems rather than a classroom systems.
Imagine if teachers had opportunities for global connecting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew!

Imagine if we didn't have blogs like yours!!!! In a world where it is not often easy to access quality professional learning, I thank god for the day (delayed I admit) I started to read blogs. The ideas and comments you offer, really get me thinking. The possibilities are endless. That's what global connecting has offered me. A 4th dimesnion to my education perspective. I just can't get enough! So more please!

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