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Monday, January 04, 2010

Empowering Schools for Learning: From Improvement Policy to Effective Practice.

The 23rd International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5th January - 8th January). The theme for the congress is Empowering Schools for Learning: From Improvement Policy to Effective Practice. I particularly like this cross-cultural aspect of this conference.

I have chosen to attend the following sessions throughout the conference:
  • Signposts: Research points to how Victorian Government schools have improved student performance (Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Dahle Suggett)
  • Transformation through innovation and networks: Structural change for school improvement in the most challenging settings: Rhetoric or reality? (Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Christopher Chapman)
  • The role of the "knowledgeable other" in improving student achievement, school climate and teacher efficacy: Case studies from a Canadian and Swiss perdspective and experience (Lyn Sharratt, Giorgio Ostinelli, Angela Cattaneo)
  • Networking schools for learning - going deeper (Louise Stoll, Lorna Earl, Steven Katz, Judy Halbert, Linda Kaser, Helen Timperley, et. al)
  • Data-based decision making around the world: Challenges and opportunities (Stuart McNaughton, Lorna Earl, Steven Katz,
  • Innovating leadership development for system transformation (Tony McKay, Valerie Hannon, David Jackson)
  • Leadership development that makes a difference: The research and the experience (Tony McKay, Graham Marshall, Barbara Waterston)
I will post a summary of the conference upon my return.

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